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By matthewjbr51008328, May 4 2017 06:27PM

So, the House of Representives is voting on a replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

This Act has been essential to many of my clients who, due to various circumstances, could not get health insurance coverage without it. Now, Congress is seeking to undo the progress we've made, render millions uninsured and make health insurance incaccessable to many.

The new proposal is supposedly to keep coverage for pre-existing conditions by paying the insurance industry a whopping $8,000,000,000. In the past, such subsidies have not worked to the advantage of citizens. What I predict is that the insurance companies will accept the hand-out, continue to raise premiums, and then declare the system a failure when the poor opt out. I see this as nothing more than a money-grab by the insurance companies, who continue to buy our Congressmen.

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