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By matthewjbr51008328, Nov 17 2016 02:50AM

This is a good read regarding the current Supreme Court appointment (or lack thereof) issue:

Is the failure of Congress to hold a hearing a Constitutional Violation? The Constitution specifically says t “[The President] shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint…Judges of the Supreme Court.”

In my view, the Senate's refusal to hold a hearing to even discuss the President's nomination is a failure to "advise" and "consent", and thus, it does constitute an unconstitutional failure to act.

By matthewjbr51008328, Sep 15 2016 06:00PM

1. Stop Immediately, and do not move your vehicle unless it is necessary to do so;

2. Call the Police and get an office to the accident scene;

3. Exchange license numbers and addresses;

5. If there are witnesses, try to get their names, addresses and telephone numbers;

6. Get pictures of both cars -- all sides of both cars;

7. Accept medical assistance if you need it;

8. Notify your insurance agent or company as soon as possible;.

9. Obtain a copy of the Police Report as soon as it is ready;

10. Contact The Law Office of Matthew J. Broder and make an appointment for a consulation;

11. DO NOT allow any insurance company to take a recorded statement.

12. DO NOT discuss your injuries with any insurance company representative.

Why 11 and 12? Because insurance adjusters LOVE to get you to say things like "I'm O.K." prior to your experiencing the real effects of being hit, which often take several days to materialize. They record your statement, and then use it against you to deny you compensation.

By matthewjbr51008328, Jun 10 2016 04:47PM

Spring is over, and with the warmer months coming, families are vacationing and spending time together, as well they should.

But now may be a great time to review and update your Will!

Call The Law Office of Mathew J. Broder to discuss your estate plan today!

By matthewjbr51008328, Mar 28 2016 05:18PM

Intresting article:

Yale Surgeon Removed Wrong Body Part from Patient: Lawsuit

A lawsuit alleges doctors lied to their patient about the mistake and tried to cover it up.

...and somewhere, an insurance company executive is sitting at a desk, trying to figure out how to blame the lawyers for the high cost of coverage!

By matthewjbr51008328, Mar 1 2016 06:37PM

Choosing the right lawyer to help you through your legal matters is the first and most important step in building your case. The Law Office of Matthew J. Broder is a General Practice which strives to provide excellent legal representation for a diverse set of individual and business clients. Attorney Broder has over twenty years of experience handling both trial and appellate litigation related to Personal Injury Law, Workers' Compensation, Family Law (including Divorce, Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, and all post-judgment matters), Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, and all other injuries and claims.

Attorney Broder will fight hard to get you the results you deserve., If you need an experienced attorney to handle your case with care, compassion nd commitment, call The Law Office Of Matthew J. Broder in Bridgeport, CT at (203) 333-5100 today!

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